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Welcome to my spaceship! Things seem exactly the same to me as viewed in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We are driven by Infinite Improbability, and unthinkable things happen on board. The more unimaginable and incredible they are, the greater their chances of becoming real. The passengers turn into penguins, but that doesn’t worry the crew. No one knows what is real and what is the manifestation of their own mental illness. “We’ll return to normal as soon as we can determine what it is,” the soothing voice of the robotic flight attendant reassures the passengers.

I’m also a confused passenger. I’m Jekyll and Hyde when I observe the world. I’m Jekyll and Hyde and three other personalities when I observe myself. I’m Homer Simpson at a nuclear power plant, trying to find connections. I’m a clueless space mission participant, who doesn’t know where the ship came from, and has no idea of how he got on board this spaceship.

This blog is intended for all my prospective fellow passengers. I know that I am not the sharpest pencil in the box, so thank you for your generosity in evaluating my writing, pictures and music. I believe that on a ship where nothing is impossible and everything impossible is certain, I will improve over time.

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Kyle Bairnsfather
Kyle Bairnsfather
19. Jan.


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